2015.03.24 : Working in Book Storage department and in Regional Studies and Digitization Department

Hi !
I’m Bryan, a French volunteer in Klaipėda Country I. Simonaityte Public Library since two weeks. I work in all departments of the Library to discover how the library works.

Today, firstly I worked  with Stefania, the Greek volunteer, in the Book Storage department. This is the department where we had to repair old books.

P1040048    P1040047

To order the books, we have to check their reference number shown on the back cover, and then we must find the the corresponding card from among others in a tray.

      P1040061         P1040062

Once found, we put the card inside the book and we put the book on the appropriate shelf.

We also wear gloves sometimes because there is a lot of dust in old books!

P1040050  P1040058
In afternoon, I worked with Marco, Italian volunteer, in the Regional Studies and Digitization Department. We was in charge of scanning of negatives in order to be listed in a database all remarkable monuments and places of Kleipeda. it is a long process because a scan may take more than fifteen minutes depending on the number of negative to simultaneously scan.

P1040066   P1040071

That’s all for today ! Tomorrow I will work all day in the Children department with Stefania.

Arheu ! Arheu ! 😀